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There are so many different things you can do with your landscaping, especially when you entrust its care to professionals. At Can Am Professional Landscaping, LLC, we can provide you with excellent lawn care maintenance services, lawn fertilization, and landscaping. We can clean your yard through every season, whether removing leaves, debris, or snow. We’ll aerate your yard, mow your lawn, seed, sod, prune, and spray for ticks and mosquitos. It is our guarantee that when our job is finished, you will have the healthiest lawn possible. You will love the beautiful landscaping and all the compliments you receive from your neighbors.

When you want any service for your front or back yard, please contact our team of experts today. Our workers are artists and take pride in enhancing your property so you fall in love with the results.

CanAm Professional Landscaping - lawn maintenance, lawn care - 3 riding mowers on well manicured lawn - Girard, IL


1008 W Center
Girard, IL 62640


Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Customers reviews

"The service received from Can Am was exceptional and the quality of work was far above what was expected. We have a beautiful new paved sidewalk and landscaping to further beautify our home. Can Am's range of services available, from mowing, lawn fertilization, grading/seeding and landscaping, it is your one stop shop for a homeowner's needs. Thank you, Can Am, for making our yard look great!"
David & Shannon Wright
"Very professional team. They do a perfect job. Would recommend them to anybody."
Randy McCrady
"Love the work they provide. Professional, honest, and dependable. Services: Lawn mowing & maintenance, Weed control, Landscaping."