Lawn Care Maintenance

Exceptional Lawncare Maintenance Services in Girard, IL

When you want the best lawncare maintenance services in Girard, IL, you should rely on Can Am Professional Landscaping, LLC. We provide whatever service you need to make your property look its best, including lawn mowing, aeration, bug spraying, pruning, and yard cleanup for the spring and fall seasons. Your lawn is a living, breathing thing and needs proper care to thrive. Allow our experts to provide superior treatment to your soil, grass, flowerbeds, and trees so they continue to flourish and add beauty to your property.

For thorough service and exceptional results, contact our team today. Can Am Professional Landscaping, LLC. is the company to call when you want to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

CanAm Professional Landscaping - lawn maintenance, lawn care - 3 riding mowers on well manicured lawn - Girard, IL
CanAm Professional Landscaping - beautifully manicured grass, lawn care - Girard, IL

Lawn Mowing

Can Am Professional Landscaping in Girard, IL provides full-service lawn mowing and other lawn care for your residential and commercial properties in Virden, Girard, and Carlinville, IL. Mowing, trimming, and seasonal cleanup are all provided with our mowing services, and we are always happy to provide additional services as requested.

If you struggle with the task of mowing your yard constantly, contact Can Am Professional Landscaping, LLC. today to let us take care of your mowing for you and enhance your outdoor space.

No job is too big or too small, so please be sure to look into our other services as well to learn about all the amazing things we can do to care for your lawn and make sure it always looks its best.


In addition to the wide variety of services provided by Can Am Professional Landscaping, LLC., we also can assist you with new or existing lawn seeding, sodding, complete lawn renovation, and aeration. If your soil is dry and spongy to the touch or your grass is losing color and puddling after it rains, you may need to consider aeration for your lawn. The process involves perforating your lawn with many small holes to break up your soil and allow air, water, and nutrients to be drawn in and improve the health of your soil and grass. This is important because soil that is dense or compacted can inhibit the growth of roots by cutting off access to those important nutrients.

If you want your trees and plants to thrive, consider hiring Can Am Professional Landscaping, LLC. for aeration services. Once we get your lawn looking its best, we can also offer a lawn fertilization program to keep your lawn beautiful.

Aeration diagram for lawn care - Girard, IL
CanAm Professional Landscaping - spraying for mosquitos and ticks, lawn care, safety - Girard, IL

Mosquito/Tick Spraying

Are you tired of mosquitos ruining your time in the yard with family and friends? Then contact Can Am Professional Landscaping and ask for our Mosquito Control. We will come out and spray for those pesky mosquitos so you can enjoy barbecues, play dates, and family fun all summer long. When we arrive at your home, we assess the outdoor space and how it is used. We spray any turf, plants, standing water, and any structure where mosquitoes can hide to ensure you’re free from the annoyance of those pesky bugs. If the entire yard needs to be treated, we can tailor our approach to your outdoor space as required. The spray is not harmful to your yard or plants and is also effective in controlling populations of ticks, fleas, ants, beetles, flies, crickets, grasshoppers, and more! Results are immediate and will last up to a month.

Spring Yard Cleanup

When spring arrives, it’s time to invest in taking proper care of your lawn so it can come back to life and recapture its former beauty after a long, dormant winter season. Our spring cleanup services at Can Am Professional Landscaping, LLC. include blowing and removing leaves and other debris. We will also rake your lawn to ensure it is free of sticks, twigs, and anything that may have fallen from your trees, like acorns and pinecones. Perhaps you need fresh mulch for your garden or flowerbeds? Our experts have you covered there, too. Let us bring your yard back to its former glory by starting with a thorough spring cleanup service. That is just the beginning!

Ask about all the other lawn care services we can provide to make your yard the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Spreading fresh mulch onto plant bed, garden - Girard, IL
CanAm Professional Landscaping - fall cleanup crew at work, removing leaves and debris before winter hits - Girard, IL

Fall Yard Cleanup & Leaf Removal

As summer comes to a close, the fall season arrives, bringing with it cooler temperatures that cause your trees and plant life to die or become dormant. If you have trees or bushes on your property, you will likely experience a lot of debris in your yard as they lose their leaves and needles. Our experts at Can Am Professional Landscaping, LLC. can rake up and dispose of any unwanted debris. We recommend employing us for this service, as you likely won’t want to deal with the piles of leaves and pinecones after the winter snow melts. It’s better to address this issue before the winter weather arrives. We can also remove dead flowers from your flower beds and trim back any perennials, annuals, and other plants, preparing them for the cold temperatures and giving them the best chance for survival.

Call today for a service quote.


If you want to keep your trees, plants, and flowers looking their best at any time of year, you should consult with our experts at Can Am Professional Landscaping, LLC. for our pruning services. The process of pruning involves selectively removing unwanted branches or stems to improve the structure of your plant and ensure it is directed toward better growth. Pruning improves the health of your plant and can encourage it to grow in the desired direction. A proper pruning service is an investment in the long-term health of your plants and trees, and it will also improve the appearance and safety of your property.

If you’re interested, please contact our professionals to discuss your specific needs and goals for your landscaping.

Worker using pruning sheers to keep plants and trees healthy - Girard, IL